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Customs declaration agency

Customs declaration agency is an important part in the freight transport process. We’ll work carefully to ensure that the goods can go through the customs smoothly, and do our best to reduce the risks.

We select specialists worldwide, who will have multi-lingual abilities, and sound understanding and knowledge of the global, countries’, regional, and local trade regulations and agreements.

To ensure your goods are fully safeguarded, and in case of blocks, our specialists will contact the custom departments and the consignees in the first time, and provide guidance in connection with custom affaires, together with expert opinions.

GL is your most satisfying international freight transportation partner, who can make you get a fluid and relaxing experience.

Warehousing and Distribution

GL has designed and built a series of storage centers in Europe, America, and some cities in Asia-Pacific regions, which formed the most complete network.

Our warehousing and distribution services can satisfy all special needs in the business above, and through a series of value-added services, we can help you further enhance the benefits of your supply chain.

We can provide you with services that are suitable for your planning, operation and execution, together with onsite management service, to create practical values for your business, and ensure that goods can be delivered to your customers in the most economic efficient and smooth way.

We have prepared a series of complete professional services, including operation of goods at ordinary temperature, low temperature, dangerous goods, and bonded goods, together with value-added services with a wide range including presales.