Cross-border logistics services
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Ocean Freight

The ocean freight service can enable you to deliver plenty of goods with low cost and flexible delivery time.

We are engaged in all forms of traditional freight transportation, including full container load, less container load, and non-vessel operating common carrier. Whatever the route designated is, whatever the sailing frequency is and whatever the delivery time is, we can assure the freight reach its destinations on time.

The huge service network established by GL with its ocean freight contractor can provide the ocean freight service with high economic efficiency for you. 

Air Freight

Air freight service can help you to deliver the goods in the shortest time.

Relying on our mature global network with wide coverage, we’ll extend your business into every corner of the world. We can provide you with considerate door-to-door air freight service, and a series of comprehensive services such as goods concordance, customs clearances, and so on, and help you deliver your goods within the shortest time.

As an IATA agent for many dominant airline companies, GL can provide solutions of air transportation with the highest economic efficiency for you.

Land Freight

Land freight can enable you to deliver your goods in the most convenient way.

GL can provide full road freight service, which operates through the global transportation network, and are managed by our professional team. It helps the clients with all international road freight procedures, such as customs declaration, to ensure the smooth transportation of the goods.

Coordinating the specific requirements of your industry, we’ll minimize your cost, while promoting the efficiency at the same time. We’ll make everything under your control.

GL provides incomparable road freight service, and assure that your goods will be sent to their destinations with highest efficiency and at the maximum speed possible.