Special logistics service
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Special logistics service

Oversized Transportation

We are shilled in various special types transport of long,wide,high and weight,special goods characterized by multimodal transport,such as yacht,engineering equipment ,etc. Relying on the innovative spirtrit of TUL Group, the special category of goods we offer will be continuusly enriched.

Integrated Cold Chain Logistics

Using GL operation advantages of sea,land and air,we provide the leading cold chain transport services.We have builded the refrigrtation strorage in majoi city,through the continuous technical innovation to provide the services for services for refrigeration and cold chain service markets.

Transportation of hazardous materials

GL offers specialized services related totransportation of hazardous materials.Services include consultancy,packing(UN tested standrads),documentation and any available possibilites to arrange door-to-door transport.

Finance Logistics

We have cooperation with banks,based on logistics finance and trade finance,through the warehouse pledged,in-transit momitoring.the buyer credit.the seller credit,accounts receivable,mortgages and other methods,we provide the servises for supply chain’s upstream and downstream to reduce customer funds,ensure liquidity,reduce customer logistics costs and capital costs.